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Our Lifestyle Medicine Program (LMP) substantially reduces health care claims costs and improves engagement and productivity for companies and their employees.

It achieves savings in the best way imaginable by helping those with costly, chronic illnesses transform their health.

The principle is simple: If employees and patients stay well, health care costs stay low.


Our program addresses the root cause of chronic disease—lifestyle choices. It is built on the foundation of a complete health improvement program to help prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease through lifestyle changes. More than 40 peer-reviewed research papers document its effectiveness.

By changing their lifestyles, participants get healthy—and stay healthy. For many participants, the program is a turning point. It empowers them to take charge of the way they live and reclaim their health. Most find the results so transforming, they stick with it for the long term—adopting it as a way of life.

Every $1 an organization spends on a Lifestyle Medicine Program can save $2 in health claims costs.

Reduced health claim costs

Lifestyle Medicine can lower your organization’s expenses for medical and pharmacy claims. It helps employees with chronic illness—and those whose lifestyles place them at high risk of illness—to reduce their need for medical care and prescription medications. As their health improves, claims decrease.

Higher productivity

By preventing, treating, or even reversing disease, A properly implemented LMP can make employees more productive. They take fewer sick days. Simply put, they get more done, which helps the organization’s bottom line.

Elevated morale

There are other benefits, too—assets that don’t show up on the balance sheet. Often Lifestyle Medicine participants become fiercely loyal to the organization that offered them the program. Their loyalty is an expression of gratitude for the gift of restored health.

Each participant completes health status assessments and biometric testing within the first week of the program.

A comprehensive evaluation consisting of initial assessments and bloodwork to provide a baseline measurement of each participant’s health status will be performed including:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Exam (Basic Vision Test, Hearing Test, Pulmonary Function Test, Neurological, Orthopedic, Range of Motion, Vitals, Pulse Oximeter)
  • Urinalysis
  • Lab Work 
  • TeleSensi Cardiac Evaluation (Bluetooth cardiac scan of all valves with computerized software read out for primary provider or cardiologist review)
  • Home Sleep Study to identify  Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and make appropriate medical recommendations when applicable 

Results of biometric tests and an accompanying health status assessment identify areas where participants need to focus their efforts to improve their health.

* Comprehensive evaluation including initial assessments and bloodwork are performed to identify abnormalities only. Should medical concerns be present in your test results, a referral will be made to a primary provider or appropriate specialist for further evaluation, treatment and management of your condition as indicated.

Participants begin the Lifestyle journey

Participants meet every week—for a total of 12 weeks and 18 sessions—as a group with a facilitator. They learn lifestyle-changing techniques, receive support for modifying behaviors, ask questions, and discuss their progress. They take steps to change habits in 6 targeted areas:


Processed foods with high sodium and saturated fat

Whole foods, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are key to restoring health. LMP recommends a plant-rich, minimally processed eating pattern.

At least 30 minutes of daily exercise


No exercise

Exercise, even gentle movement like walking, lowers blood pressure, elevates mood, improves circulation, strengthens muscles, boosts immunity, and leads to more restful sleep.

8+ hours of sleep each night


Short or irregular sleep

7-8 hours a night of restorative sleep is critical for weight control, blood sugar regulation, cardiovascular health, mood, dementia prevention, and keeping your immune system strong.

Social Connection


Daily contact with friends and family

Family, friends, and community play a powerful role in maintaining health. Research links social connection with fewer ailments and a longer life.

Risky Substances

Overuse of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, or recreational drugs

Avoidance of risky substances

Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and drugs can threaten your health, as can environmental toxins and pollutants. It is important to understand and manage the risks.

Low, well-managed stress

Stress Management

High, unmanaged stress

It’s no secret that managing stress makes you feel happier. But it also helps you control your weight, reduce risk for heart disease and dementia, reduce muscle tension, get sick less often, and sleep soundly.

The LMP’s educational resources guide participants through the program, keep them engaged, and position them for success. Each cohort becomes a close-knit community, with individuals supporting their peers’ achievements.

Recheck biometrics

Measure how participants’ health has improved. As participants progress in the LMP, they will continue to see gains in their health. At the same time, they will develop lasting habits that keep them healthier for years to come.

Equipment needed

The LMP can be completed entirely online. All you will need is a computer with high-speed Internet access or a mobile device.

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